Hola mis corazones!

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about me. Here you will find information on upcoming shows and projects. You can also click on bio to get a quick run down. I'm constantly learning and growing and am currently on a journey of rediscovery and loving every minute of it. I feel as artists we are constantly evolving and expanding our talents. Music is something I do because I love. I didn't  go to school for it nor am I a classicaly trained singer but BABY....You get all the sauce and its raw! I love it all,  and I just want to continue to bring joy to others through the expression that is music. Music truly sees no boundaries and has the power to unite us regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or background. I treasure that. I've got stories to tell, I want to hear your stories too and i'd love to welcome you to set  your soul free through the melodies.

Mama Soulfree